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Here you can read a catalog of Tunguska witness's accounts deposited originally in paper-from in VINITI (archive) by Vasil'ev N.V., Kovalevskii A.F., and Razin S.A. in 1981. This catalog is considered to be the most comprehensive, even despite that some accounts were not included into it by its compilers for various reasons (now it is an idea to compile an updated version with all accounts, even when they completely contradict a hypothesis that Tunguska was a spacebody fall).

I have a photocopy of the catalog. Valerii Ivanovich Zyukov proposed me to tranform it into electronic-form in 2000. I gave him the photocopy, and his children retyped it as Word-file (*.doc). Soon afterwords the electronic-form was sent to Tunguska researchers in Russia, and abroad.

The catalog consists of 2 files. One of them (tungwitn.doc) contains the accounts themself, another one (tungwitntabl.doc) info about some of those who collected the accounts in 1950s-70s, and geographical coordinates of the places mentioned. All data is in Russian.

So you could investigate yourself "what Tunguska event was like".
If the internet-server is slow sometimes, so the catalog can be sent as archived (*.zip) file on request.

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